Turn Your Industrial Data Into New Energy Savings Opportunities ⚡

Energiency develops advanced artificial intelligence analytics in order to detect and visualize new energy savings opportunities for manufacturing. We provide data science analysis and a powerful application directly plugged to your smart meters.

Industrials Who Decided To Save Money And Reduce Their CO2 Emissions With Us

We Help Industrials Just Like You Master Their Energy Management Process With Data Sciences and AI

Energiency provides a tailored service to each industrial need, from plant to headquarter, in order to identify new energy savings opportunities and limit their CO2 emissions.

1. Audit of energy gain potential

1. Audit of energy gain potential

⚡Reveal energy performance variabilities on your historical data.
⚡ Detect and select the relevant influencing variables.
⚡ Establish the reference consumption and calculate the achievable gain.

2. Cost accounting

2. Cost accounting

⚡ Automated performance monitoring (KPI).
⚡ Comparison to an energy performance target.
⚡ Real-time display of energy performance rations by type of product.

3. Digital energy twin

3. Digital energy twin

⚡ Integration of overconsumption alerts.
⚡ Calculation of deviations from the model.
⚡ Forecast of consumption for the reporting of the ISO 50001 standard.

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⚡ In less than one year, one of our customers saved

150.000€ on his annual energy bill

Your Free Energy Consumption Analysis Report 📊

Get a report of your site’s power consumption within 72 hours, based on your general meter:

⚡ Discover your daily and weekly electricity consumption profiles.
⚡ Identify your most consuming days.
⚡ Spot your biggest calls for electrical power.

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"The Energiency team is very dynamic and answers perfectly our requests, offering us statistical studies that we cannot do internally because of a lack of skills. The ArcelorMittal teams are totally confident in Energiency when seeing concrete actions put in place and the gains obtained thanks to the studies and the software. When I work with Energiency, I don't feel that there is any difference between us. The quality of the work is really excellent."

Souad Mejri, Environmental & Energy Engineer at the ArcelorMittal site Belval

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"Thanks to the reliability of the model implemented in the platform, we were able to verify the energy savings made on compressed air and electricity. We look at the weekly report every Tuesday, and send an email congratulating the production teams if they have reached the weekly consumption targets, or giving them actions to take if the targets have not been reached. After all the actions implemented, we need to "re-train" the model to continue to progress in a logic of continuous improvement."

Bruno Valenti, Technical Assistance and Coordination Manager at SKF France

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“Energiency algorithms helps us improve our energy prediction & management."

Sophie Granju, Energy Manager

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