Our technology for your energy management solution

Energiency develops advanced artificial intelligence analytics in order to

detect and visualize new energy savings opportunities for manufacturing.


  • Identify relevant input data
  • Select corresponding flows
  • Collect internal/external data
  • Standardize and structure data


Transforming raw and heterogeneous data into an easily manageable data set is key. Energiency identifies the relevant data in order to let its technology provide you the insights you expect: data from energy meters of course, but also from production & maintenance information systems, or weather forecast. After standardizing all data in a single data model, an historical data set is firstly checked before real time data is processed by our algorithms.

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  • Consistency check
  • Historical & real time data
  • Pattern mining
  • Predictive modelling


Algorithms are the engine of Energiency powerful technology. Machine learning is firstly run in order to detect and correct anomalies, check data consistency and integrity, and select only meaningful data. Whatever the data and industrial context, our data science team secures a highly reliable result thanks to appropriate analytics tools and methods: signatures of devices, performance baseline and factors of influence identification, drift modeling, neural networks, etc.

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  • KPI and virtual metering
  • Automated reports
  • Adaptative alerting
  • Social & exports tools


Relevant data visualization is key in order to provide the right information to the right person at the right time in the relevant context. In addition to a graphical toolbox including dashboard, reports and alerts, Energiency provides advanced analytics through a universal API, allowing each company to easily integrate these data into its environment.

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