Launch of Joint Venture ATL-EN-TIC for energy in manufacturing

Five French start-ups are launching the ATL-EN-TIC joint venture to accelerate industrial energy intelligence, a €2.5 million project  co-financed by the Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir (PIA) operated by Bpifrance.

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ATL-EN-TIC: a French technological showcase for Energy 4.0

Five innovative young companies from the West France - Energiency, Akajoule, Enerdigit, Entech and NKE Watteco - announce the creation of the ATL-EN-TIC joint venture (for ATeLier - ENergy - ICT) in order to jointly offer a complete value chain of technologies and services dedicated to energy intelligence for industrial companies (Energy 4.0): sensors and IoT (NKE Watteco), artificial intelligence (Energiency), energy production and storage (Entech SE), flexibility on the electricity grid (Enerdigit) and energy engineering (Akajoule).


Co-financing of €2.5 million from the French Programme d'Investissements d'Avenir (PIA)

As flagship project of SMILE, the programme to support Intelligent Electricity Networks launched in 2016 by the Brittany and Pays de la Loire regions in 2016, ATL-EN-TIC has a total R&D investment of over €6 million, including €2.5 million financed through the French State's Future Investment Programme (PIAVE), managed by the General Secretariat for Investment (SGPI) and operated by Bpifrance, as part of the 'Future Industrial Projects' action. The project is also sponsored by the Alliance Industrie du Futur, certified by the Valorial and EMC2 Industrial Competitiveness Clusters, and approved by the SMILE association. Five other partners are also involved in the project: EDF (consulting and support), Siemens (cyber-security), Systovi (solar photovoltaic), OET (equipment installation), and CEEI CREATIV (innovation support).


A first industrial customer, CETIH group

ATL-EN-TIC already has a first customer: CETIH Group, specialized in entrance doors and housing (windows, solar, hughes air energy renovation), with seven plants in France. Other manufacturers have already expressed their interest in participating in the launch of this programme, which can generate savings of up to 15% on energy bills and is also eligible for regional aid.


Arnaud Legrand, CEO of Energiency and President of ATL-EN-TIC: 'Manufacturers already have data insufficiently exploited today, even though they contain important sources of competitiveness. Thanks to ATL-EN-TIC, all manufacturers (SMI, Mid-cap or Large Group), whatever their stage of maturity, can embark on an Energy 4.0 approach and quickly achieve energy savings. »


Thomas Sennelier, Head of the Ecotechnologies Sector at Bpifrance: 'this modular and interoperable offer, covering the entire energy intelligence value chain, provides a relevant response to industrial companies. Energy performance is one of the pillars of the Industry of the Future'.


Anaël Le Goff, Energy Manager of CETIH Group: 'Sensors are not enough to manage energy in a factory. We moreover need to easily access data in real time, analyze by cross-referencing with other data related to our activity, and finally induce actions that can be carried out by the teams. ATL-EN-TIC thus allows us to take a new step forward in terms of energy performance. »


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