ENR’CERT chooses ENERGIENCY for its energy services

ENR'CERT chooses ENERGIENCY to develop the first integrated energy services in France.

Enr'Cert and Energiency today announced a partnership to integrate and simplify the energy performance approach.

A few months before COP21 and while the draft law for the energy transition is being voted on in Parliament, this merger will lead to services using big data to optimize energy consumption.

Take advantage of the Energiency start-up's energy intelligence technology and combine it with the energy efficiency expertise acquired in the energy saving certificate (EEC) system. This is the challenge of ENR'CERT to develop integrated energy services, based on the management of energy consumption, for local authorities, social landlords, companies and landowners.

Provide the first integrated energy services to simplify the energy transition

Thanks to its collaboration with Energiency, ENR'CERT offers its customers the use of big data to access energy information, guide work and measure the energy savings achieved on an ongoing basis. Some of the recommended work will be financed by the Energy Saving Certificates (EEC) scheme.

From the analysis of consumption data to technical recommendations and the work financing plan: the two companies are truly offering the first integrated energy service.

Continuous energy optimisation, thanks to real-time monitoring

Based on the working methodologies and technicality of the industrial sector, Energiency has adapted ECO'PORTAL, ENR'CERT's innovative ECO'PORTAL software platform in the cloud, to the construction sector. It can therefore easily be used for any other type of actor, particularly local authorities, at the forefront of energy transition issues. The data is interpreted in real time to extract key information and recommendations in order to move towards continuous energy optimization.

Knowledge is power: energy information for all

This desire to develop new energy services is based on a clear understanding of energy information needs. "Any energy optimization process must start with the implementation of tools and indicators that allow you to know precisely in real time your energy consumption and the results of the energy saving work carried out, depending on your activity," notes Gaëtan Thoraval, Director of Operations and Industry at ENR'CERT.

Whether it is industrialists, local authorities, social landlords, trustees or landowners, the situation is similar: energy saving action plans could be very easily optimised with more detailed energy information for the park, in real time, with dedicated support.

Several projects are already being set up by ENR'CERT with industrialists and local authorities.



Created in 2011 by Thibaut Saguet, ENR'CERT is an energy efficiency services company, a player in the energy saving certificate (EEC) system, supporting its partners, both public and private, in order to use the system as an incentive for energy renovation. With a turnover of more than 20 million euros and around 30 employees in 2015, the company has supported FONCIA, FRANFINANCE in particular; local authorities such as the City of Sevran or State services, such as the General Directorate of the National Gendarmerie (DGGN); and manufacturers such as FAURECIA.

About Energiency

Created in April 2013 by Arnaud Legrand, Energiency is a young, innovative French company, headquartered in Rennes, that publishes ENR'CERT's innovative ECO'PORTAL software platform in the cloud, securely accessible from the web and mobile terminals and dedicated to energy performance analysis. The Energiency technology has received 19 Innovation Awards including the 2014 Competition from the French Ministry of Research.

Link to the Press Release: 2015-0617 CP ENERCERT ENERGIENCY AL.