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Energiency develops an innovative form of software for analyzing industrial process performance, making it possible to save up to 20% of you energy expenses without having to invest

Innovative software for analyzing mass data drawn from the Industrial Internet of Things

Our trade: continuous big data analysis via the Cloud in the field of energy performance. Energiency’s technology is in line with the PDCA (Plan > Do > Check > Act) approach included in the new ISO 50001 standard applied to Energy Management Systems. The components of these innovative Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS) provide industrial companies with a range of solutions adapted to their needs: performance monitoring and diagnosis, provision of continuously-updated action plans and information sharing – with a view to driving an energy-saving project within a factory or a whole Group.


1 – Data recovery

The main features of an Energy Management Information System (EMIS) are data availability and access, as well as sharing information with users in a quick and simple manner. Energiency automatically analyses all data drawn from the factories’ information systems in a reliable and smooth manner. By continuously providing the company’s energy performance stakeholders with adapted indicators and updated dashboards via the Internet, Energiency gives you the resources to understand and quickly analyze your sites’ energy consumption according to production and maintenance conditions.

2 – Information analysics

Energiency’s algorithm is based on large quantities of data stored in the Cloud, so your factory and its machines’ energy behavior can be modeled according to the different situations and variables that could influence their performance. Using this algorithm, a diagnosis – constantly updated according to production and maintenance variations – alerts you and enables you to quickly identify any available sources of energy savings within your factory or industrial site. You can thus capitalize on your measured data and intervene quickly in the event of a deviation.

3 – Value feedback

Based on its analysis algorithms, Energiency provides a constantly-updated operational action plan for decision-makers and operational teams, to help them materialize identified savings on all required organizational levels. Thanks to Energiency’s innovative web-based technology, that is both simple and intuitive, all team members can monitor energy performance in real time via a web browser or mobile application. Regardless of the web device used, they can exchange any alerts, indicators or savings sources that may have been identified or reached in just a few clicks.

Olivier Clanchin, CEO of Triballat Noyal talks about Energiency

Interview with Olivier Clanchin, CEO of Triballat Noyal:

Our solution's advantages

Big Data and Cloud

Saving time when accessing and analyzing large quantities of data

Analytical accounting

Energy consumption per product, workshop, machine, etc.

Detecting anomalies

Automatic and customized alerts for detecting malfunctions

Collaborative tools

Simple exchange functions for sharing information between users

Automated deployment

Intuitive and automated deployment in a new scope without any need for assistance

Ordered action plans

Ordered action plans that are adapted to each user’s role within the company


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