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Energiency’s software gives you the resources to quickly understand and analyze your factory’s energy consumption (water, gas, electricity, etc.), according to production and maintenance conditions.


Energiency’s software enables you to quickly identify any available sources of energy savings, thanks to algorithms that constantly scan any changes in your factory’s situation.


Energiency’s software provides an action plan that is constantly updated for operational workers and decision-makers, based on monitoring and assessment module algorithms.

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  • "Energiency is an efficient and flexible tool that adapts to all our sites, allowing us to be precise regarding our data, so we can improve our energy performance."

    Lucas Le Provost, Triballat Noyal

  • "The Soleil accelerator represents the energy consumption of a town with 16,000 inhabitants, and decided to entrust consumption data use to Energiency so it could move towards an ISO 50001 certification".

    Philippe Eymard, Synchrotron Soleil

Your energy management needs

You are an Energy Manager ou Director in an Industrial Site, and are faced with the following difficulties when managing energy performance:

Accessing data

“Our data is everywhere, and we do not have time to gather it all and analyze it!”

Customizing information

“We need relevant indicators, adapted to all operations functions!”

Updated indicators

“We want continuous indicators, as production conditions can vary!”

An ordered action plan

“We have lots of ideas for saving energy, but where should we start?”

Receiving alerts quickly

“Operational teams need to know as soon as a deviation appears.”

Capitalizing on know-how

“We want to share our good ideas with other factories within the Group.”


Cloud, big data and artificial intelligence technologies to improve competitiveness and make energy savings real on your own

Our solution's advantages

Energiency’s software provides the following advantages so you can better manage your industrial plant’s energy performance: :

Cloud and Big Data

Saving time when accessing and analyzing large quantities of data

Analytical accounting

Energy consumption per product, workshop, machine, etc.

Detecting anomalies

Automatic and customized alerts for detecting malfunctions

Collaborative tools

Simple exchange functions for sharing information between users

Automated deployment

Intuitive and automated deployment in a new scope without any need for assistance

Help with decision-making

Ordered action plans that are adapted to each user’s role


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